Happy New Year to you all!




This is something for my younger students (7th grade). Have a creepy Halloween!


I found this while looking for interesting material to share with you.


The first topic we are going to deal with in English classes has to do with "GENERATIONS". You belong to the so called "Generation Y". Watch the video and brifly comment on it. Do you indentify yourself with the generation described here?


I've already told you about postcrossing. It's for you to find out what it is like to find some mail in your mailbox. In the one that is outside your house, not the one in your computer!

It is a unique feeling to hold a letter or a postcard in your hands. You should try it. Let English do magic!

Hi there!

Though this is not my first, it will probably be my most serious blogging experience!

Off we go.

Autumn has definetly arrived and there are so many fun activities for you. Check them out.

This slideshow is a homage to my students and collegues from Miranda do Corvo. Together we worked on an interesting project involving handcrafts which was lots of fun! These are some pictures we took on our trip to Gaia to attend a TV programme... Thank you for this wonderful time!